Gabriela Barraza


Gabriela Barraza

She began her violin studies at the age of 7 in the Suzuki Method with Prof. Néstor Alvarez. Then she continued at the Félix T. Garzón Provincial Conservatory of Music, where she graduated in 1989 with the title of Violin Teacher. Currently, she is in the 5th year of Music Performance at the U.N.C. She had among her teachers Humberto Carfi, Gerardo Miranda, Valeria Martin, Dimitri Pokras, and Finlay Ferguson with whom she finished her degree of Professor of Performance at the School of Arts of the U.N.C.

Ms. Barraza has taken Music performance Festivals and Courses such as, "La Cumbrecita Musical Camp for performance and Chamber Music", Prof. Valeria Martin, "Training and chamber music", given by Prof. Mónica Cosachov "," lll International Course of Bassoon and Chamber Music of Bs.As. ", given by Noel Devós," XVlll International Course of summer of the Music School of Brasilia ", Course" The rhythm in the integral formation of the musician "taught by the UNC," Course of Improvement in Chamber Music ", taught by Prof. Alicia Bellville and Professor Juarez Johnson ", Masterclasses as an active student with Mtro. Lisy, Course "Musical Intelligence Musicotherapy", held by the Catholic University of Salta, "The preventive contribution of Music Therapy to Special Education" held by Collegium "," Music Festival of Santa Catarina "," Clinic of strings "given by the Master Pablo Agri and Free improvisation workshop given by Wade Matthews.

Ms. Barraza has also participated in orchestra ensembles such as, Suzuki Method Children's Ensemble

Córdoba Youth Symphony Orchestra, Conservatory of Music F. T. Garzon Youth Symphony OrchestraMERCOSUR Youth Symphony Orchestra, Camerata del Norte, Salta Symphony Orchestra, musician from 2001 to 2004.Musicampus 2009, Chamber Music staff musician.

Ms. Barraza had also Collaborating as a teacher in the creation of the Children's Chamber Orchestra, Salta

and Participating as a violinist in the recording of the CD, "Nocheros en vivo", 2002, EMI label, at the Teatro Colón.

Currently, Ma. Barraza is a tenured professor at the Félix T. Garzón Superior Conservatory of Music belonging to the Provincial University of Córdoba.