Alejandra Rodriguez


Alejandra Rodriguez Perroni

He is a piano concert player, specializing in chamber music. He is also a teacher of cello, music history, and music analysis. He carried out his musical studies at the National University of Cordoba, in Argentina. In 1998 he obtained his master's degree in performance in the USA, at The New World School of Arts, in Florida. At the same time he continued his improvement in piano with maestro Dario Ntaca.

He studied the cello at the Félix T Garzón music conservatory. In France he studied with the Dutch cellist Barth Weerensmister, at the Russian Conservatory, Sergei Rachmaninov in Paris. She received advanced classes at the Real College of London with Martin Lovet (who invited her to participate in her classes, after the chamber music competition at music festivals in Buenos Aires).

Later he continued his advanced studies in piano and chamber music at the "Alfred Cortot" Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, in France, in the class of Odile Delangle and Marie Pierre Soma. Her interest in musical analysis and writing has led her to study with Mtro. Michel Merlet at the Higher National Conservatory of Music in Paris. She has carried out doctoral studies at the CNSMP in Paris where her thesis "Music between the two great wars, influence and evolution" was published.

He has obtained 8 international awards in chamber music and piano:

Musical contest of the city of Cordoba, piano 1996.

He has taken advanced courses in piano, cello and chamber music in different countries such as Spain, Brazil, the United States, France, England, Chile, Italy, Argentina. He has performed concerts as soloist, piano and orchestra, and especially in chamber music, in prestigious venues in Europe and Argentina. We can mention the most important Salle Pleyel, Salle Cortot, Salle Gaveau, Auditorium Sante Anne, Theater des Sablons, salle des coquillages in the prestigious cultural center of Paris "Arturo Lopez" Theater Selinute (Ancona, Italy), Lessia Oukrainka theater in Kiev, Golden Hall of the Colón Theater, Colon Theater Experimental Studies Center, General San Martin Theater, Vera Theater, Royal Theater, Alberdi Theater, Tarascon Municipal Theater, Steinway Paris Auditorium, Cantabria Festival Palace (Argentaria room, Ataulfo ​​Argenta room), Theater de l'institut à Orleans, among others.

At present he is a professor at the Conservatoire à Rayonement Departamental CRD de Orléans (history, analysis and chamber music), CRD de montluçon (professor of cello and piano) and at the Neuilly sur Seine conservatory (piano). She has been a pianist for the well-known Makaus Trio, in Argentina, founder of Bruyeres Ensemble, and pianist Aura Ensemble.

She is a pianist in the ARS ensemble, along with Silvia Games Dubos (USA) and Ariel Ruiz Díaz (Argentina). TIM international music tournament, edition 2000, 2001 France, two diplomas of honor, one attestato di merito.

Music festivals in Buenos Aires in 2000, Argentina, Concurso Internationale Rivièra di Conero 1999, Italy IMBA 2000 (International Music Festival of Buenos Aires) in Buenos Aires, music festivals in Buenos Aires 1991 Mozart contest, Komora Kiev, contest for saxophone and piano year 2000.

She is director of l'ecole Claude Debussy in Paris. She along with Ariel Ruiz Diaz have developed an intense artistic activity from 1996 to today, recognized by the Ministry of Culture of Córdoba, for promoting and disseminating music for classical saxophone in Córdoba.

With Silvia Games Dubos they work in the diffusion for Argentine contemporary music. He has recorded Max D'ollone's piano work for the Harmonia label. She has published an essay on Eric Satie's work et le symbolisme rose-croix dans la musique. Also commissioned he has conducted a study on Masonic symbolism on Mozart's Magic Flute. He has given lectures on the work of the painter Angel Muriel and the influence of the Spanish war, in Anberes, Belgium.

His poems have been musicalized by the great composer Victor Scavuzzo, premiered in February 2020 in le saloir, Orleans and his plays have been presented in Argentina and France. As a painter, she has participated in group exhibitions in Europe and Argentina, the last one in the Luxembourg museum worth mentioning.