Mathilde Gandar


Mathilde Gandar

During her studies in Saint Maur, Brussels, London, Geneva, Mathilde trained with great masters such as Felix Andrievsky, Adam Kornizewski, Emmanuel Emerich, M-A Nicolas, Régis Pasquier and Joshua Epstein.

She graduated from a master of music from the Royal Conservatory of Brussel in 2013.

Very early one, she discovered e real passion for chamber music and found her fulfillment particularly in ensemble music.

Mathilde multiplies the chamber formations in sonata, trio with piano, quintet and string quartet.

She won the national " Inspirations" competition in 2014, chaired by renowned violinist Ivry Gitlis and which will lead her to perform throughout France and abroad Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg.

She has alto formed a rare and original trio (flute, violin and organ) with Pierre Queval and Charlotte Berthomé. Since 2013 together they are invited by majors festivals and association : "The voice of the organs" " associations of organs friends " " the organs of the Aisne in concert" " concert organ games of Luçon'...

The Meigma trio also seduces The United States, they are invited to perform in 2016 in New Orleans. They are also elected "favorite trio of pays de la Loire" in 2015.

At the same time as her career as a chamber musician, Mathilde collaborates with many professional orchestras: " Pas de Loup " " Paul Kuentz" "Brussels Philharmonic orchestra" " Pari's orchestra" or the Lamoureux Orchestra, and the Sinfonia Pop Orchestra which lead her to play in the most beautiful rooms in the world : Pleyel, Gaveau, Theatre des Champs Elysées, Madeleine churches, Berlin Dome Cathedral...

In the desire to transmit music with rigor and benevolence Mathilde also devotes part of her time to teaching the violin and musical awakening in conservatory and private lessons in Versailles as well as within Vareille Foundation, an organization philanthropic with the objectives of reducing inequalities in education and access to music for all.

Since 2018, Mathilde has been collaborating with Professor Michel Germain, surgeon from Paris hospitals, on the development and writing of books combining music and medicine:

- Famous and sick musicians, could we have saved them?

- Around the violin

- Share his knowledge in music and medicine.

- Transplants, flaps and cancer

- Teaching today, Sharing knowledge

Mathilde plays a violin by Pierre Gaggini, made in 1981.