Guillermo Zurita


Guillermo Zurita

Coordinator of the Córdoba Neighborhood Orchestras Network since 2018. Founder of the Córdoba Children's and Youth Social Orchestras Project under the former Directorate of Educational Policies, today Undersecretariat for the Promotion of Equality and Educational Quality, ATEC Program (Community School Technical Assistance) , today Choirs and Orchestras Program dependent on the Ministry of Education of the Province, in coordination with the Secretary of Culture of the Nation, Orchestra of the Arzobispo Castellano School of Barrio Suárez

Founder of the "Macuca" Orchestra of Bº "El Chingolo" based at the Macuca Foundation in Córdoba. Creator of the Arzobispo Castellano Children's Orchestra within the framework of the Social Orchestras Project of the Ministry of Education of Córdoba. Creator of the "El Chingolo" Tango Youth School Orchestra IPET 351. Violinist in Lunático 33, Independent Tango Orchestra of the City of Córdoba.

Violin teacher in the City of Oncativo and Córdoba Capital until 2012. Creator of the String Quartet and Chamber Orchestra "De la Luna", made up of young musicians, composers and arrangers from the local environment, a group committed to the interpretation of works by composers novel, classic and popular of our musical environment.

Beginning at 3 years of age in the Suzuki Method, dependent on the National University of Córdoba with Professor Dolores Soage Bermann. Violin training with the Masters: José Bondar, Pablo Borzani (Federal Capital), Alberto Lysy (Director of the Gstaad Academy of Switzerland), Gustavo Guersman (former Youth Symphony Director of Tucumán) Patricio Cádiz (Concertino of the National Symphonic Orq. Of Chile and of the South African Opera), Valeria Martín (Córdoba Symphony Second Violin Guide), Fernando Hasaj (Director of La Camerata Bariloche) and Finlay Fergusson (Director of the Córdoba Academic Orchestra.

Orchestral Direction Teachers: Walter Frandjie, Mario Benzecry, Luis Gorelik, José Luis Cladera and Gustavo Fontana within the framework of continuous training developed by the National Cultural Program of the Nation.

Chamber Music Courses: Klauss Maurer (Director of the Nouveau Quator Geneva, Switzerland) Juárez Johnson (cellist of Camerata Bariloche, among other Orchestras), Alicia Belleville (Prof Pianist of the López Buchardo Conservatory, Federal Capital). Mónica Cosachov (Harpsichord of Camerata Bariloche), Claudio Baraviera (Violoncello Soloist of the National Symphony, Federal Capital) and Narciso Benacot (Mendoza). Patricio Cádiz Concertino of La Opera South Africa

First violin from "Lunático 33"

Independent Tango Orchestra of the City of Córdoba, created in 2008.

Founding professor at the "Atrapasueños" Hospital School at the Santísima Trinidad Children's Hospital, specializing in "palliative care" in the area of ​​oncological, fibrocystic stimulation and UTI

Concertmaster of the Symphony Orchestra of the

National University of Córdoba during the 2004 cycle.

Member of the Symphony Orchestra of the

Province of Córdoba during the 2002 cycle.

Professor of the Violin Chair at the National University of San Juan and member of the Symphony Orchestra in the row of 1st violins

Interim Professor of the Violin and Viola Chairs at the José Lo Giudice Higher School of Music in the Province of Salta.

Creator and Director of the first Chamber Orchestra of that institution.

Member as first row violin of the

Stable Orchestra of Salta.

Concertmaster of the Municipal Chamber Orchestra of the City of Salta

Co-founder, Concertino and Director of the "Camerata Filarmúsica" of the City of Salta.

Acting professor of the violin chair at the Jujuy Provincial Conservatory of Music.

Permanent participation in numerous Concerts,

National and international festivals and tours with different Orchestras:

Jujuy Chamber Orchestra, Salta Municipal Orchestra, Córdoba Metropolitan Orchestra, Mercosur International Orchestra, San Juan Municipal Tango Orchestra, Córdoba Symphony-

Invited in 2012 by the Intermediate Orchestra of the Network of Music Schools of the City of Medellín, Colombia, among others.

He participates as an instrumentalist, arranger, Artistic Director and Producer of numerous recordings with different groups of popular and classical music.

Distinguished as outstanding teacher of the year, within the framework of the celebrations for the Bicentennial of the Nation with the "Juan Bautista Bustos" award by the "Arzobispo Castellano" Children's Orchestra. September 11, 2010

He is selected by the "Ibermúsicas" Technical Unit to represent the country in the framework of the International Meeting of the Network of Schools of Medellín, Colombia, between October 5 and 15, 2012.